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My name is Kenny Peng. I’m currently working as an Embedded Engineer at Vitalacy, and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Southern California, where I acquired a BS in Electrical Engineering in May 2023. Before that, I was from Las Vegas—born and raised.

My primary interest is in signal processing, where I’ve touched on topics like audio beamforming, audio visualization, and image recoloring. However, I’ve also acquainted myself with random topics that interest me by scanning the Internet, that being fluid simulations and semantic search. Across all these topics, the fact that they’re just implemented as computer programs is convenient to me because I can call myself proficient in Python and familiar with C, meaning I can try practicing them myself.

I post on this site, “just for context”, in the hope that I’m adding articles to the Internet that don’t need a deep background to understand. Ultimately, that does mean I have to lay out all that background from the start, and perhaps that alone might be the more interesting part!