I got an automatic reminder from Cloudflare, my domain name registrar, to renew my domain name just this week. It reminded me that I left a lot of loose ends on this site. I started this thing during COVID, and at the time I didn’t have much to do. Now, life sings a totally different tune.

The 2021-22 school year was my first year back on campus ever since my first year of college got just-about aborted. I experienced now the things that I should have experienced years ago. I got my first work-study job as a camera operator for USC Viterbi’s graduate school (you can passively learn engineering as you work, totally recommend!). I discovered the internet iceberg that is engineering research journals. I took my first trip to Europe. Hell, I said that I didn’t secure an internship last summer–now I did. I’m working remotely with this startup called Beryllium.

With all this, I was too overwhelmed by so much change that I couldn’t get back to all those things I promised to do–back when things were slower. On the other hand, this year has handed me a lot more things to think about.

I have a little more time now. High time to reboot the blog! I set Cloudflare to autorenew my domain name, I have a backlog to run through, then I’ll work on a couple new ideas.