Hey, I'm Kenny Peng

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I’m a senior undergrad student majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. My transcript would tell you that I focused my degree on signal processing and computer engineering, and indeed that’s the general direction I’m most interested in. On top of that, I’m a firm believer in using the Internet as the primary mode of learning—and not just a supplement to it. So beyond my classes, I also pick up practical details online as I make projects in my spare time.

As I do so, I tend to share my finished works on Github or tidbits people might like to know on my blog. My favorite blog posts are featured below.

Blog Excerpts

This list shows my favorite / most representative posts:

  • IRAM: The last ounce of RAM on an ESP32

    One of my summer projects was clearly about to go over-time, but I also realized that I needed some kind of platform running in order to check my progress so far. So, once again, I tried to cram a large algorithm into an ESP32. This time, it was a basic fluid simulation, described in Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games by Jos Stam.

  • Recoloring backgrounds to align with the Solarized Dark base palette

    I know that I’m not the only person who made the “Carina Cliffs” into their desktop background on the day those first JWST shots were released. I had the idea shortly after I saw them, and it’s stayed on my desktop through the months since. However, I also switched from Windows to Pop!_OS to Arch Linux along the way, and sooner or later I wanted to theme my system. I eventually settled on Solarized Dark as my palette of choice, but then I had a problem. Solarized Dark focused on muted hues of blue as its base palette, but that clashed with the vibrant, orange splashes of my new favorite background.